Friday, September 9, 2022

The Late Model Performance Midnight Madness Grand Champion Runoff will take place on Friday, September 9, 2022. All 2022 winners in Pro Street, Super Street, Diesel Shootout and Motorcycle will qualify for the Grand Champion Runoff.

The winner of the Grand Champion Run-Off for cars will receive $1,000 plus a Championship Jacket, and a Gold Card allowing them to race Midnight Madness for free in 2023. The winner of the Grand Champion Run-Off for motorcycles will receive $500 from Bracket Bike Racing Matters, a Championship Jacket, and a Gold Card allowing them to race Midnight Madness for free in 2023.

Each class (Pro Street, Super Street, and Diesel Shootout) in the Grand Champion Run-Off will be eliminated separately until we get down to a winner in each class. Then the class winners will Run-Off together to determine the Midnight Madness Grand Champion. Drivers are only allowed one spot in the Runoff regardless of wins in multiple classes. Drivers with only one win must race the class they won in the Run-Off. Once any driver has won two Grand Championships, they can no longer compete in the Runoff and are restricted to racing a fully registered vehicle if they wish to continue racing in the Midnight Madness series. The motorcycle Grand Champion Run-Off will be run together as their own class. The Grand Champion Run-Off will start at 8pm, being round robin from the start, during time trials of the regular race, and will be completed before eliminations of the regular Friday night Midnight Madness race. Racers that are in the Grand Champion Run-Off will then be able to run eliminations of the regular race. The class winners from the regular Friday Night Midnight Madness event on Friday, September 9, 2022 will go into the 2023 Grand Champion Run-Off.


Event Description

This series is dedicated to our "STREET ONLY" fans and racers from far and wide; offering a weekly dose of that adrenaline rush you crave, but in a safe and legal environment that's open only to street legal cars, trucks and bikes - no race cars.

Entering the event is easy!  Just fill out the tech card and proceed to tech (located in staging lanes #10 & #11). A tech official will give your car a brief safety inspection and assign a number to you!  Then you're ready to run!



Adult Admission:  $15.00
Child Admission:  11 & under admitted free
Preferred Pit Side Parking (Grass Lots):  $5
Spectator Parking (Outside of Gate):  Free
Entry Fees:  Pro Street (11.99 & Quicker)  -  $25.00
  Super Street (12.00 & Slower)  -  $25.00
  Hollyrock Customs Diesel Shootout (All Run)  -  $25.00
  Bracket Bikes Matter Street Bikes (All Run)  -  $25.00
  Entry Fee includes driver's admission
Pit Vehicle $20.00 (A pit vehicle that is inside a racer's rig is free.)
  For everyone's safety, we highly discourage the use of pit vehicles by non-racers. With elevated abuse and injuries related to these, the fee is $20 in addition to your preferred parking fee, unless the event prohibits them entirely. Also please note, no pit vehicles of any kind are permitted to enter from the free spectator parking lots

Gates Open: 

6:00 pm

Time Runs

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Sportsman Eliminations: 

9:00 pm

Racing Until

At completion of the event

Other Event Notes:  

During time trials, we will be calling cars to the lanes by class with one run per session. Instead of waiting unnecessarily in the staging lanes to make their runs, this will allow everyone to spend more time in the pits, fine tune their car or hang out with friends!

Event schedules, prices, dates, times, classes and booked-in vehicles are subject to change at any time without notice.
Always call DRAGLINE for up to the minute 24 hour race information at 301-884-RACE