Door Wars and ET Series Post Event Summary


May 3rd, 2024

   Story courtesy of:  MIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (May 3rd, 2024) – April 26th - 28th brought the return of the Atomizer Racing Injector Door Wars presented by ATI Performance Products. Friday's Pro Qualifier went without a hitch following a one hour bump up with the colder than expected temperatures. Saturday would bring a drawn out fight with mother nature as cold, rain, and cloud cover would be the name of the game. While the Warriors Outlaw and MPC Real Street would get one more qualifier in that night, all other pro classes would move their action to Sunday. Top ET and Mod ET would be able to run their entire race even with the weather fighting them. Sunday would bring great weather with temperatures in the mid 80's and plenty of sunshine shaping up for a wonderful day of racing with the Pro and Sportsman categories.

Mickey Nelson (Top ET) leads all drivers with 3 Diamond points. Brianna Parker (Top ET), Dennis Briggs Jr (Top ET), Danny Mattera (Top ET) and Alan Thatcher (Mod ET) have 2 Diamond points. Eight drivers in Top ET, seven in Mod ET, and three with the Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragsters have one Diamond Point each. For more information on the Rick's Jewelers Ring for the Queen program click HERE


Pro Classes

Pro Mod Warriors Outlaw A Warriors Outlaw B
Mike "Hollywood" Decker III Scott Vants Curt Coucill
Real Street Heavy Hitters Street Top Sportsman
Justin Bowmaker Glennie Buckler Layton Sumpter

Friday night's Qualifier would go on without any issues with some of the best air these drivers would see all season long. With the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association (NEOPMA) racers, we would see Mike Decker Jr take the number qualifying spot with a record setting ET running a 3.576 at 211.90 MPH. His son Mike "Hollywood" Decker III would take the number two spot with a 3.591 at 218.90 MPH. The NEOPMA racers would not see the track again until Sunday between Saturday's cold temperatures and afternoon rain showers. But a great elimination session would be set after a qualifier Sunday. One of most anticipated match ups were with #4 Derek Ward and #2 Hollywood in the semi's and both drivers put on a show. Both would drill the tree and ride the wheelie bars from 150ft on down with Hollywood taking the win to race his father in the final. Both drivers spoke highly of each other after the match up saying that whoever won that round could win the race. Hollywood would manage to do just that after beating Decker Jr, his father, in the final for his first Pro Mod win at MIR.

Saturday night would be the best qualifying session for the Warriors Outlaw with Keith Rhea putting up a 4.182 at 179.73 MPH. Defending Warriors Outlaw Champion Harry Troxler would be #2 with a 4.331 at 174.57 MPH. Curt Coucill would be the B Field #1 Qualifier. In the A Field, #1 Keith Rhea and #7 Scott Vants would both make it to the finals, but issues with Rhea's Mustang would cause him to not be able to make the final. Vants would be the A Field Winner. The B Field would bring a surprising final with 2024 C Field Champion Wes Mclain and first time Warrior racer Curt Coucill. Mclain was consistently all day and Coucill was battling back from hurting the car after a monster wheel stand in qualifying. Coucill was the quicker of the two all day running mid 4.60's and would take the eventual win over Mclain. 

MPC Real Street would also have their best qualifying session Saturday night. We would be able to see the quick side by side pass in Real Street history with #1 Qualifier and defending Champion Justin Bowmaker and #2 Eddie Aleshire with both drivers going 4.771 at 146.65 and a 4.793 at 146.75. In eliminations, we would see the 2023 and 2022 Real Street Champions Justin Bowmaker and Justin Reggio battle. The defending champ would best Reggio running a 4.896 at 144.53 over Reggio's 5.020 at 141.56.

The Heavy Hitters Street field would bring a number of faces seen at the Late Model Performance Midnight Madness events. Many of the racers run the Dental Billing Group No Clock Street series and did their best to beat the rest of the field. NCS racer Glennie Buckler would be the last racer standing at the end of Sunday.

Top Sportsman would run one Qualifier on Saturday and one Sunday morning. Thomas Brown would be the #1 Qualifier running a stout 3.939 at 184.93 MPH. But the final would be between qualifiers #11 Don Teague and #16 Layton Sumpter. Sumpter's worst reaction time would be in first round with a .031, but in 2nd and 3rd round he would be .003 and .006. His reaction time would also win him the final hitting the tree going .007 compared to Teague's .120 light. Sumpter would take the win for his first win of 2024 at MIR.


Congratulations to our winners from Saturday and Sunday’s 1320 Fabrication ET Series presented by East Coast Collision races

Top ET (Sat) Mod ET (Sat) Top ET (Sun) Mod ET (Sun)
Jeffrey Jones Ray Perry Billy Thomas Cobi Toliver

On Saturday in Top ET, Jeffery Jones would take the win over Mark Mandley. Jones would be .007 on the tree over Mandley's .035. Jones would be dialed 5.42 and would run a 4.355 compared to Mandley who dialed a 5.87 and would breakout running a 5.854. In Mod ET, Ray Perry would best Michael Frank. Perry would be .020 on the tree and dial a 6.02 while running a 6.025. Frank would be .037 on the tree and dial a 6.54 while breaking out running a 6.526.


On Sunday in Top ET, Billy Thomas would win over Stevie Rae Sicheri. Thomas would be perfect on the tree (.000) and run a 4.695 on a 4.65 over Sicheri who would have a .044 reaction time and run a 5.883 on the 5.87 dial in. In Mod ET, 18 year old Cobi Toliver would take the win over Saturday's winner Ray Perry. Toliver would be better on the tree with a .071 over Perry's .077. Toliver would run a 5.771 on the 5.751 dial with Perry dialing a 6.06 and running a 6.082.


The current Top 10 in the Points Standings are as follows:



1) 1X0Z Jeffrey Jones 251


2) ZX72 Mickey Nelson 230
3) 1X37 Joey Mattera 191
  3X74 Rickey Nelson 191
5) 2X23 Dennis Briggs Jr 180
6) 106A David Sutton 170
  1X55 Robbie Parlett 170
  380 Bruce Hensley 170
  6X02 Jason Kirby 170
  180B Layton Sumpter 170
  6X12 Jacob Nahory 170
  1X27X Tyler Nebel 170
  7377 Mark Mandley 170
  1X20 John Myers 170




1) 3X05 Cobi Toliver 221

  2X76 Ray Perry 221
3) 7X84 Keven Yates 211
4) 2X68 Bradley Tippet 190
  6X04 Michael Franck 190
  2X62 Bobby Mattera 190
7) 4X44 John Mattera 180
  1X86 Brian McLaughlin 180
9) 4X06 Steve Cross Sr 170
  MX83 Jake Milstead 170



Junior Dragster

1) 769X Austin Keys 161


2) 825X Jaelynn Ward 131
3) 11XX Ryleigh Nebel 130
4) 123X Landen Lewis 110
5) 257X Carlo Dorsey 100
  808X Jordan Nelson 100
  T72X Tony Williams 100
  165X Camden Berry 100
  712X Jaxon Cusick 100
10) 902X Izzy Franck 90
  815X Calvin Weaver 90
  799X Mason Dudley 90
  168X Gillian Mattera 90


The 1320 Fabrication ET Series presented by East Coast Collision will have their next race at the Spring Blowout on May 18-19. For more info click HERE