WDRA Adds Motorcycle Class to World Finals

January 19th, 2024

   Story courtesy of:  MIR


MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (January 19th, 2024) - The WDRA has recently announced the addition of a Motorcycle/Sled category to the WDRA Summit Sportsman Drag Racing Series (SSDRS) program.

The online membership software for the WDRA is being updated to include a Motorcycle class in the SSDRS class option selection menu. Maryland International Raceway (MIR) currently does not run a standalone motorcycle program with the 1320 Fabrication ET Series presented by East Coast Collision, but motorcycles are able to run in Top or Mod ET. Your license can remain as Box or no Box with no change needed. The forms that you can print off the WDRA website and mail in are also updated with the new option.

The Motorcycle class has been added to the World Finals and will be a No Box category. Each track is going to be able to submit a World Finals participant for the Motorcycle class, along with the Box, No Box, Junior Dragster, and other categories that are already ran at the World Finals.

With MIR not running a motorcycle specific class, MIR will send a Motorcycle (or sled) representative who is the highest SSDRS registered finisher out of our Mod ET class. We hope to see all of our motorcycle racers back at MIR during our 1320 Fabricaiton ET Series events presented by East Coast Collision to see who first motorcycle representative for MIR at the WDRA World Finals will be!