1320 Fabrication ET Series Presented by East Coast Collision Post Event Summary

July 31st, 2023

   Story courtesy of:  MIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (July 31st, 2023) – July 29th - 30th brought the return of the 1320 Fabrication ET Series presented by East Coast Collision and the Junior Dragster Open! Saturday's race would bring sweltering heat and thunderstorms. While the racers were able to battle through the heat, the day was forced to end early with multiple severe storms bringing heavy lightning, wind, and rain. Before the storms arrived however, Stephen Cross Jr in Mod ET, manage to put together a perfect run! The last time a Mod ET driver accomplished this feat in Mod ET at an ET Points race was in 2013. Saturday's race would be completed on Sunday morning. Sunday's event would bring the exact opposite. Great weather, great racing some first time winners for the 2023 season, and first time ever win in Mod ET.

Mike Nelson Jr (Top ET) currently leads all drivers with four Diamond Points. Mike Gardiner (Mod ET), Adriana Sullivan (Mod ET), and Austin Keys (J/D) have three diamond points each. Five Top ET drivers, six Mod ET drivers, and 3 Junior Dragster drivers have two diamond points each. Nineteen drivers in Top ET, nine in Mod ET, and thirteen with the Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragsters have one Diamond Point each. For more information on the Rick's Jewelers Ring for the Queen program click HERE



Congratulations to our winners from Saturday’s race

Top ET Mod ET Hubble Motorsports J/D Race 1
Joey Mattera Steve Cross Sr Ryliegh Nebel
Hubble Motorsports J/D Beginner Race 1 Hubble Motorsports J/D Race 2 Hubble Motorsports J/D Beginner Race 2
Mason Dudley Kenneth Turner Jr Mason Dudley

Congratulations to our winners from Sunday’s race

Age Group 6-9 Age Group 10-14 Age Group 15 - 18
Camden Berry Camryn Buckler Brandon Mattera
Top ET Mod ET Hubble Motorsports J/D Hubble Motorsports J/D Beginner
Willy Hess Sr Molly Reynolds Tony Williams Lydia Cross



The current Top 10 in the Points Standings are as follows:



1) 6X57 Ray Snoots 512

2) 6X02 Jason Kirby 471
3) 1X55 Robbie Parlett 451
4) 1X13 Joe Martin 421
5) MX27 Jeff Groat 400
6) SX12 Adriana Sullivan 390
7) 1X87 Danny Mattera 380
8) 0X26 Nick Mcgowan 370
  ZX72 Mickey Nelson 370
  1X06 Bert Lewis 370




1) 6X22 Stephen Cross Jr 472

2) 1373X Nathan Mendenhall 411
3) 1X02 AJ Jenkins 401
4) 4X06 Steve Cross Sr 391
5) 5X3X Louie Estevez 380
  PX93 Darren Payne 380
7) 2X68 Bradley Tippet 361
8) 1X41 Alan Thatcher 360
  6X02 Jason Kirby 360
  BX43 Chad Burch 360



Junior Dragster

1) D07X Peyton Bunch 651


2) 625X Brandon Mattera 601
3) 158X Hailey Pumphrey 550
4) 367X Jessi Tayman 531
  1218X Cameron Dean 531
6) 125X Kaiden Groves 490
  851X Shane Dailey 490
  769X Austin Keys 490
9) 11ZX Zach Parlett 480
10) 819X Abigail Norment 471

We hope to see you at the WDRA Sportsman Series August 18th - 20th! For more info click HERE.