Late Model Performance Midnight Madness
Post Event Summary

May 15th, 2023

   Story courtesy of:  MIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (May 15th, 2023) – May 15th brought the second Late Model Performance Midnight Madness of the 2023 racing season. Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you all of those that came out! Jim Devane, Paul Rupprecht, and Kamren Rice have all qualified for the Grand Champion Runoff with their wins. Rafaelle Proctor has qualified for the Motorcycle Runoff with his win. And Andrew Grand currently sits atop the points for the No Clock Street series. Grant has not qualified for the Elite 8, showcasing that the B Field can possibly take the championship in the classes first year back!

Congratulations to our winners from Friday’s race

Dental Billing Group No Clock Street Elite 8 Dental Billing Group No Clock Street B Field Pro Street
Donnie Sturgill Jr Andrew Grant Jim Devane
Super Street Hollyrock Customs Diesel Shootout Bracket Bike Racing Matters Motorcycle
Paul Rupprecht Kamren Rice Rafaelle Proctor



The current Top 10 in the Points Standings and Championship Runoff Qualifiers:


No Clock Street

Pos Car # Driver Name Pts Field

1) 171 Andrew Grant 101 B
2) 5957 Tommy Lorence 91 A
3) 2321X Brenden Quade 71 B
4) 415 Darrell (DD) Mahoney 60 A
  419 Michael Hare 60 A
  605 Anthony Acquaiva 60 B
7) 777 Donald Sturgill Jr 51 A
8) 187 Glennie Buckler 50 A
  X777 Brandon Gayler 50 B
10) 1104 Clinton Smith 40 A
  2001 Dominic Emelio 40 B



Grand Champion Runoff Qualifiers

Name Class Won Win Date

Dale Gilbert Pro Street 05/05/23
Jim Devane Pro Street 05/12/23
Jarrett Leavy Super Street 05/05/23
Paul Rupprecht Super Street 05/12/23
Mike Julian Diesel 05/05/23
Kamren Rice Diesel 05/12/23


Motorcycle Runoff Qualifiers

Name Win Date

Daniel Patton 05/05/23
Rafaelle Proctor 05/12/23

We hope to see all for the next Late Model Performance Midnight Madness May 26th! For more details click HERE