MIR Teams A & B Set for Team Finals

September 19, 2022

   Story courtesy of:  MIR


MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (September 19th, 2022) – Maryland International Raceway ™ (MIR) for the four of the past six years has been able to field winning teams and two runner up teams at the IHRA Team Finals. Team A will consist of the first 17 points leaders in Top ET, the first 13 points leaders in Mod ET and the first 10 points leaders in Junior Dragster. Team B will consist of the next 17 racers in Top ET, the next 13 racers in Mod ET, and the next 10 racers in Junior Dragster. After Sunday’s 1320 Fabrication ET Series presented by East Collision Summer Blowout, the points have been compiled and tie breakers verified to see who makes the MIR teams in 2022. Congratulations to all our drivers who made Team A and Team B! Please let Chris Higgins (chiggins@goracemir.com), Rebecca Hammonds (rhammonds@goracemir.com), or call the track office at 301-884-9833 and let us know if you will be able to attend the Team Finals event if you have not already.


Team A Team B
Robbie Parlett Michael Boswell
Jimmy Tayman Jeff Groat
Chris Maloney Ray Snoots
Vic Gordy Rick Blackburn
Jeffrey Jones Jena Martin
Buddy McGowan Bert Lewis
Jacob Nahory John Myers
Patrick Estevez Jr Wayne Palmer
Mike Nelson Jr Tyler Nebel
Joey Mattera Bobby Jones
David Whitesell Jr Michael Pinder
John Dustin Ray Perry
Tommy Norton Michael Sullivan
Joe Martin John Miller Jr
Joe Echino Danny Mattera
Tarrell Sinkler Adriana Sullivan
Louie Estevez Kevin Williams



Team A Team B
Keith Burch Cobi Toliver
AJ Jenkins Chris Burch
Brian Mclaughlin Ray Perry
Jake Milstead Stephen Cross Jr
George Windsor Mike Gardiner
Chad Burch Steve Cross Sr
Bobby Mattera Adriana Sullivan
John Mattera Kevin Mendenhall
Steve Long Patrick Estevez Jr
Keven Yates Louie Estevez
John Miller Jr David Milstead
Bradley Tippett Pat Estevez
Tony Mattera Francis Reynolds


Junior Dragster

Team A Team B
Hailey Pumphryy Jessi Tayman
Jordan Denny Nathan Mendenhall
Gayge Farrell Ivy Brynn Gailey
Kaiden Groves Jaelynn Ward
Zach Parlett Hunter Groat
Austin Keys Damion Waters
Gillian Mattera Brandon Jenkins
Camryn Buckler Carlo Dorsey
Cameron Dean Malia Curtis
Cobi Toliver Ryleigh Nebel

Alternate 1 – Camden Berry (J/D)
Alternate 2 – Ayden Robinson (J/D)

Below are a few bullet points for Team MIR A and B:
• All tracks bringing a Team B are considered separate teams and could be paired with a teammate from Team A during eliminations.
• The team meal for Team MIR for will for both the A and the B teams.
• Both the A and the B teams will be parking together for Team MIR.
• Team B will run on Sunday for the Main event and be able to run in all gambler’s races on Friday and Saturday.
• B Team will earn team points as a separate team for Sunday’s Main Event.
• All purses, gambler’s races, etc., will be the same for both teams.
• B Team will have to pay their entry fee (Top ET & Mod ET is $80, Junior Dragster is $60) and will not receive a team jacket.
• If you are not able to make the event, please make sure to call the MIR track office at 301-884-9833 as soon as possible for an alternate can race on the team
• For the first time ever, the Friday & Saturday Gamblers Races at the Team Finals will be open to all racers. A racer does not need to be an IHRA member to run on Friday & Saturday. If you are only entering the Gamblers races those days, you will not park with the teams unless you are in the same trailer as one of the qualified team members. Qualified Team Members from each track will be the only racers that can run on Sunday.

Gates will open at noon on Thursday, October 6th for parking and will close at 10pm. IHRA Team Finals participants will be able to complete registration from noon to 10pm. Friday, October 7th, gates and registration will open at 8am with two time trials starting at 10am. A Gamblers Race will be starting after the two time trials. Gates will close at 10pm. For the full event schedule, entry fees, and purses please visit the event page or go to IHRA.com.

When looking at the names on these teams, there is a strong chance at either team bringing the Team Finals Trophy back home. The IHRA Team Finals is a four-day event October 6th - 9th ran with surrounding IHRA tracks whose racers band together as a team and race to see who has the best sportsman racers.



Good luck to all the racers and GO TEAM MIR!