New Paint for Famed Tower

July 22nd, 2022

   Story courtesy of:  MIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (July 20, 2022) – The tower at Maryland International Raceway (MIR) has a fresh new look! Over the past few weeks, a project has been underway putting a new coat of paint on the famous MIR icon. This project took longer than expected due to mother nature and the hateful job of sandblasting the tower down to the bare block. It could not be completed without a lot of time and effort from some very appreciated individuals:

• XDA Racer Ralphie Navarro was gracious enough to donate his sand blasting equipment for MIR to use to remove the old paint off the tower.
• The full-time MIR maintenance crew was a major component in completing the paint removal and cleaning the sand off the property for race weekends. Joe “Sandman” Harty, one of the maintenance crew members, spent much of the time working on the sandblasting of the tower.
• Dean, Owner of Unlimited Applicators, and his team applied the new paint on the tower. Dean and his team spent weeks working tediously, applying multiple coats to the tower for the paint to last.

While the paint job has been completed, there are still more improvements to come. The “Maryland International Raceway” lettering on the front of the tower, which has faded from 20 years of exposure in the sun, will also be replaced. The backlighting to the lettering will also be changed to all new LED lighting as the facelift of the tower continues. Expect more facility improvements throughout the season and beyond!