April's Pool & Spa Hot Tub Frenzy


MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (October 6th, 2021) - As the conclusion of the 2021 season for the 1320 Fabrication ET Series draws near, the April's Pool and Spa contest has been heating up! Below is a list of drivers and their current entries in each class.
Top ET Mod ET Junior Dragster
Name Entries Name Entries Name Entries
Robbie Parlett 7 Bobby Mattera 10 Gayge Farrell 11
John Dustin 6 Jake Milstead 10 Hunter Groat 8
Wesley Washington Jr 5 Keven Yates 10 Peyton Bunch 7
Ben Calhoun 4 Jason Kirby 8 Nathan Tanner 5
Billy Thomas 4 Steve Cross Jr 7 Zach Parlett 5
EJ Parker 4 John Mattera 6 Brandon Mattera 4
Jason Kirby 4 Johnathan Martin 6 Tony Williams 4
Jeff Groat 4 AJ Jenkins 4 Austin Keys 3
Jeffery Jones 4 David Keyton 3 Carlo Dorsey 3
Mike Nelson Jr 4 David Saunders 3 Damian Waters 3
Patrick Estevez Jr 4 Keith Burch 3 Dylan Witherow 3
Alex Bradford 3 Kevin Mendenhall 3 Elizabeth Finnamore 3
Bobby Spence 3 Pat Estevez Sr 3 Gillian Mattera 3
Brian McLaughlin 3 Patrick Estevez Jr 3 Jaelynn Ward 3
Briana Lukhard 3 Robert Estevez 3 Jaiman Dietz 3
Jason Hoff 3 Tony Mattera 3 Jessi Tayman 3
Kevin Banks 3 Bradley Tippet 2 Jordan Denny 3
Lindy Herman 3 David Milstead 2 Lucas Gordy 3
Marc Williams 3 Dirk Mitsdorffer 2 Nathan Mendenhall 3
Ray Perry 3 Harvey Powell 2 Hailey Dalton 2
Steve Witherow 3 James Getty 2 Ivy Gailey 2
Troy Willliams Jr 3 Jimmie Miller III 2 Jacob Nahory 2
Bobby Jones 2 Kenneth Dick 2 Seth Goddard 2
Kelley Fenton Taylor 2 Ray Perry 1 Trevor Dalton 2
Laury McGowan 2 Adriana Estevez 1 Alex Nelson 1
Louie Estevez 2 Alan Thatcher 1 Anthony Suppers 1
Michael Pinder 2 Amber Hanson 1 Cailyn Barnes 1
Michael Shoop 2 Bobby Rice 1 Camden Long 1
Nick Chiles 2 Brad Keyton 1 Cameron Dean 1
Steve Mikus 2 Brian McLaughlin 1 Hailey Pumphery 1
Tim Sansone 2 Chad Burch 1 Hannah Franck 1
Tony Tull 2 Darren Payne 1 Kaiden Groves 1
Adam Douglas 1 Dave Hill 1 Lacey Boswell 1
Al Burkett 1 Don Baugher 1 Shawn Nardi 1
Allyson Lloyd 1 Frank Thompson 1 Tyler Sandy 1
Bert Lewis 1 George Windsor 1    
Buddy McGowan 1 Jeff Sweeney 1    
Charles Brunson 1 John Lattimore 1    
Charlie Yingling 1 Johnny Burch 1    
Danny Mattera 1 Justin Hackley 1    
Jason Parker 1 Mike Gardiner 1    
Jena Martin 1 Peter Kivett 1    
Jimmy Tayman 1 Rob Hunnicutt 1    
Joe Martin 1 Robert Napfel 1    
Jordan Moore 1 Steve Cross Sr 1    
Logan Hubbell 1        
Michael Sullivan 1        
Mickey Nelson 1        
Peter Kivett 1        
Ray Snoots 1        
Rickey Nelson 1        
Sean Serra 1        
Stacy Johnson 1        
Trey Dalton 1        

April's Pool and Spa LLC sponsors of the all MDIR 1320 Fabrication ET Points Bracket Classes comprising of Top ET, Mod ET & Junior dragster. All ET Bracket Racers are eligible to receive a 10% discount throughout the 2021 racing season by presenting their express tech card at April's Pool and Spa at the time of any in store purchase.

In addition to the standing in store discount, to promote the ET Series at MDIR, April's Pool and Spa LLC will enter racers into a drawing for a Cal Spas Hot Tub. The $6,000 prize package includes: a Cal Spas 6 Person Patio Series Plug and Play Hot Tub, cover, cover assist, steps & startup chemicals; winner will have to pay the sales tax on the value of the prize package. The tub will be delivered within 100 miles from MDIR, if you live outside 100 miles, arrangements can be made to pick the tub up. The winner can upgrade the tub for an additional fee. There is no cash value in lieu of the tub, but the winner can transfer the tub to another MDIR racer.

Entries into the drawing can be accumulated in the following ways:
• If a racer wins an ET Points Bracket Race, that racer will get 3 entries for the hot tub drawing in their name.
• If a racer is runner up at an ET Points Bracket Race, 2 entries will be entered for the hot tub drawing.
• If a racer makes it to the semifinals at an ET Points Bracket Race, they will receive 1 entry for the hot tub drawing.
• All racers who qualify for MDIR Bracket Finals will receive 1 entry for the hot tub drawing.
• If an event cannot be completed for any reason, prior to the semifinal round, no entries will be awarded. If a race is stopped in the semifinals, there will be 1 entry per racer awarded. If the finals cannot be run, both finalists will get 2 entries.
• In addition to the ET Races, the Top Fifty (and ties) points earners in each class (Top ET, Mod ET & Junior Dragster) at the end of the year, will get one entry into the drawing, so the MDIR Loyal Racers have at least 1 shot to win the tub!!

There will be one winner of the hot tub that will be drawn during the Racers’ Banquet just before the 2022 season.

There is nothing the racer needs to do to enter, MDIR staff and Aprils Pool and Spa will keep track of the entries and post periodic updates on the drivers and their number of entries. April’s Pool and Spa as well as MDIR are excited to bring another exciting program to loyal ET racers of Maryland Int’l Raceway. April’s Pool and Spa is conveniently located 6 miles from MDIR at the corner of MD Route 5 South and MD Route 6. The address is 29270 New Market Village Rd, Charlotte Hall, MD.